Arby’s came to us with a very loose ask in order to focus and promote their brown sugar bacon promotion in a way that was unexpected. Budget was very limited but the need to reach a larger audience was paramount, so we decided to go upstream and focus on the complete opposite target as a way to maintain Arby’s tone-and-cheek tone and create a simple but engaging story around the concept. Footage of sizzling bacon was uploaded in multiple channels (Social, website and PR outlets) while a Vegetarian Hotline was created in unison to connect consumers and let them speak their mind. The hotline had a large number of engaging options in order to created a larger dynamic for the activation as well as to open the doors for repeated visits/calls. In the end, there were over 17,000 calls, over 10,000 voicemails, over 2,000 click-throughs and 22+ million impressions in only 2 weeks.